What: Tkwm
Where: (This link did not work for me escargo 11/01/2002)
Description: A Tcl/Tk window manager, based on extensions to Tk.
Updated: 02/2000
Contact: mailto:[email protected] for mailing list subscriptions.
mailto:[email protected] (Eric Schenk)
mailto:[email protected] (Neil McKay)

For a version for 8.3.4, see the Links section on Mark G. Saye.

Not to be confused with TkWm, which appears to be a REXX interface to the Tk wm command:

An 8.4.5 functional version is available here: mailto:[email protected] (Peter MacDonald) (This link did not work for me escargo 17 Jul 2005 - Not Found The requested URL /download/tkwm2.0.tar.gz was not found on this server.)

The file is still online at: . Related material can be found here: . (Added by tstolz on 26 May 2012)