Todd Coram


I have been using Tcl on and off since 1995. I can be reached via email at todd at maplefish dot com

Here is my programming language progression(1987 to May 2006): C/Unix -> C/Unix & Forth -> C/Unix -> Clipper -> C/Unix -> Awk & C -> Perl & C -> Tcl & C -> C++ -> Java & Tcl -> Python -> C/Unix -> Tcl -> Visual C++ & Tcl -> Tcl -> C++/Unix & Tcl -> Visual C++ & Tcl (for test tools) -> Standard ML -> Tcl -> Perl & C -> Mozart/Oz (sort of) -> Perl/PDQ -> Tcl -> gawk -> ksh93 -> Tcl

Tcl can play a part in analyzing computer systems performance: PDQ with Tcl.

Working on EFX Content Management System.

I am looking for a good minimal (wish based debugger). Wdebug is a 200 line late-night (unfinished) attempt at a such a beast.

Do you have List Comprehension envy?

When is a wiki code snippet too big to be a wiki code snippet (and should be placed elsewhere?). I dunno, try Config File Parser.

I'm discovering the joys of PostgreSQL after MySQL pains.

Here is a stab at emulating Closures in Tcl.

Tcl/Java/Jython/C -- oh my! TclBlend Roux

I like Jython quite a bit, but its a higher-level language (alternative) to Java, not a Java scripting language.

If I have to start using Java again, I need to collect some TclJava Tricks.

Paul Graham reject my solution to Accumulator Generators.

Tcl vs CplusPlus is a pointless rant. Or is it?

Street Programming is what makes Tcl so special.

Pondering a Macro Facility for Tcl.

Iterator using Closures is for the twisted.

Tuplespace Tuplespace Tuplespace -- this is way too much fun.

The Bob the Builder song... can't get it out of my head (help me).

A slight diversion: Mancala.

Company: Re-route Inc. has been acquired. I have moved on...

Experimenting with making Tcl safer (type safer) with Eiffel-like Invariants


It's been a while since I've posted here. Been living in the land of Perl for a while. I really should capture some comparative thoughts here. Like...

POE is Tcl?

Also Random Musings on Tcl vs Perl Network Programming

Life is too short for syntax

Factorial Using Event Loop

ASCII Mandelbrot

Non-Tcl Projects

Almost Free Text
a document preparation system written in Perl

Internet Presence