Tsert Integrated Test Environment

[L1 ] The Tsert (ITE) Integrated Test Environment is a black box oriented testing environment. It helps administer the creation and execution of testsuites. It also helps test database schemas by providing an automated way of generating database test data.

Tsert provides the following features:

  • Supports C++, Java, and Ada.
  • Tsert loosely follows ISO methodology.
  • QA project creation module.
  • Test plan creation module.
  • Automated test data generation.
  • Testsuite editor/browser which manages the creation, modification, and version control of test scripts.
  • Hierarchical Testsuite Structure with scoping rule for declarations.
  • Default and Requirement Tracking
  • An engine for execution of selected test scripts, in batch or interactive mode, and
  • Conditional execution of testcases, based on prior testcase verdict.
  • Proprietary scripting language with threading capabilities.
  • Protocol Data Unit (PDU) or Frame reception and transmission capability.
  • Support for other scripts languages e.g. perl, expect, tcl, etc.
  • All files are stored and retrieved in XML.

Tsert can act as a Test Management Tool, when used with scripts written with language other than the Tsert script language.

escargo 6 Oct 2005 - The usual question: What relationship does this have to Tcl? The tenuous one of "support for other scripting languages" does not seem to be reflected in the web pages.