Turkish Language Spell Checker

Description of the software

What: Turkish Language Spell Checker
Where: http://members.upc.nl/~s.serper/tools/qwerty_tr_sc.zip
Description:GUI for Windows OS to correct standard QWERTY input of Turkish words into correctly spelled words (Turkish alphabet has 7 additional letters). Supports following functions:
- auto spell correction
- easy user correction/overrides
- simple layout to make the usage intuitive without the need for a user manual
- auto saves dictionary at exit
- download additional, selectable dictionaries on user request
- enhance dictionary in no-time by pasting of Turkish spelled words from system's clipboard!
- works also offline, no install needed, zip archive with one executable.
Tool is developed and created with tG² IDE v1.07.01 beta 04.
Copyright (C) 2014 by Sedat Serper
Currently at version 1.3
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Official release date: 9th January 2014
Revision History: first release to www
Contact: homepage