What: Tycho

 Where: http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/tycho/
 Description: Tycho is an GUI itcl development environment.
        Eventually, Tycho will include a graphical block diagram editor for
        dataflow graphs, among other things.  Currently, it has some
        text editing features, an itcl graphical class browser,
        HTML viewer, an integrated documentation system to create HTML
        from itcl classes, and provides support for creating
        large applications.  Tycho includes a Tcl/Java interface
        that runs under Solaris and Windows NT.  Future plans are to
        add better interaction between Java and Tcl.  Tycho is freely
 Updated: 11/2005
 Contact: cxh at eecs berkeley edu (Christopher Brooks)

 What: tydoc
 Where: http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/tycho/ 
 Description: A part of Tycho, tydoc takes itcl source code and generates html.
        Expects you to maintain classes and procs in separate files.
        Does not generate an entire source tree recursively - you provide
        the specific file names that you want doc generated.  Has a few
        javadoc like tags.
 Updated: 11/2005
 Contact: cxh at eecs berkeley edu (Christopher Brooks)

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