What: VAD (Visual Ada Developer)

 Description: Tcl/Tk oriented Ada-95 GUI builder, portable to different
        platforms such as Windows, unix, MacOS, and OS/2 .  You can use
        it as an IDE for any Ada-95 (C, C++, Tcl) project.
        (formerly at )
        Uses GNAT, TASH, RAPID, Tcl/Tk 8.x, Img, icons, Help System,
         TkPaint, BWidgets, mcListBox, mComboBox, Tktable, ftp_library, csh,
         snack, BLT, itcl, Tix, QuickTimeTcl, XanimTcl, Tcl-gtk, Oratcl,
         XBit, Tkogl, tom, Vtktcl, Tkhtml, Fve, August, ASED, TclDOM, Tclxml
         Whiteboard, TkMC, tkxmlive, IDL_To_Ada.
        Currently at version 6.0 (? Looks to me like it is at version 3.x) .
 Updated: 08/2002
 Contact: See web site

See also Ada, IDE