VCRI VCRI is a groupware program designed to support collaborative work on inquiry group tasks. Every student works at one computer, and communicates synchronously (chat) or asynchronously (forum) with group members. The Figure above shows a screenshot of the VCRI-program, detailing the most important tools.




VCRI: A groupware application for CSCL research alternate (slides alternate ) ,Jos Jaspers, Marcel Broeken ,Fifth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting ,2005


The Chat tool is used for synchronous communication between group members. The chat history is stored and can be re-read at any time. Students can read the description of the group task and search for relevant historical information using the Sources tool. The Co-Writer is a shared word-processor, which can be used to write a group text. Using the Co-Writer, students can work simultaneously on different parts of their texts. The Statusbar, at the bottom of the screen, displays who is online, and which tools group members are currently using, and thus serves as a tool to raise students' workspace awareness. The Planner, can be used to organize and plan group activities. The Diagrammer is used to construct argumentative diagrams.

Other tools of the VCRI-program, not shown in the Figure above, include the Forum, which can be used to post messages for group or class members, and the Reflector, which is used by students to reflect on group processes.

Described at the Fifth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting

Software does not appear to be publically available.