Various useful Tcl packages (Rempel)

What: Various useful Tcl packages (Rempel)
Description: Various packages which include:
        Tree operations (n-ary) easier to use than tcllib's struct::tree and
         twice as fast, according to the contact.
        Soundex, which returns a 4 character soundex string,
        Date, allows formatting dates, comparing dates, calculating new
         dates relative to today, determining day of week for dates,
        Email, send an email, tracking validation of the transaction,
        Netlink interface,
        Set, set operations such as intersection, union, difference, etc.
        XML Object parser - uses tclxml to parse xml document, producing
         tree objects (as defined by this author's tree operations),
        WinCGI specification support package
Updated: 09/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected]