VirtualMouse Cross Platform Mouse Handling

A package to handle the mouse in a cross-platform way.

 What: VirtualMouse 1.0
 Description: A simple package to interface with the mouse on the user platform's terms.
 Released: 02 May 2007
 License: MIT-style

If you find this useful, have questions or other commentary, bug fixes, etc. please post here. 02-05-2007 Duoas

05-10-2008 Alas, I no longer have online storage at the moment, so I'll post the entire package here. (It is pretty small.)

Lars H: Have you considered using the Half Bakery for storage? It should be able to host the HTML without a wrapper.

Duoas Slick! I've moved it there. :-)

2009-04-23 It looks like someone deleted the HTML documentation for this package. I'll fix it in the next couple of days... 2009-04-28 Done.

sabeke - 2010-08-10 11:27:52

VirtualMouse is missing from the repository...

Duoas 2010-08-20 2:24 Z

Alas, I am on vacation now. When I get home (in about a week) I'll upload it (yet again).

sabeke - 2010-08-25 20:20:45

That would be awesome, thanks.

Duoas 2010-08-26 18:11 Z

Done. Remember, AFAIK this has not been used or thoroughly tested on various systems. If you find any problems with it, or upgrade it, let me know and/or update the repository. Thanks!

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