Vitus Wagner

My name is Victor Wagner and Vitus is my nickname.

My home page is at , but if you are searching for Tcl-related things, go to directly.

See also (wayback, 2006)

One of my primary point of interest is internationalization issues of tcl. (It is vital for me, becouse I live in Russia, and don't use Latin-1 encoding). See if you have trouble making Tcl to use on non-Latin alphabet.

Question: are the problems with Tcl and non-Latin alphabets solved in the Tcl 8.4.2 release?

Answer: Mostly so, but there are some issues with Postscript printing mostly related to horrible mess of postscript fonts on most unix systems.

Other, rather strange, point is using Tcl under MS-DOS with DJGPP 32-bit extender

I'm also managing Russian-language tcl mailing list. See for subscription instructions and for archive of the list.