Vtk [L1 ] is a powerful engine for scientific visualization. It's open source. Karl Lehenbauer finds it "quite amazing".

It has used Tcl/Tk as an integration platform from nearly the beginning [L2 ] [L3 ], however, as of 2017 VTK is deprecating Tcl/Tk. It's also tightly integrated with Java and C++.

Its test suite, Dart, automates nightly regression testing and puts status displays on the Web [L4 ]. It, too, is open source and is discussed further on the testing page of the Wiki.

What: vtkedit
Where: http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/%7Evtkedit/index.shtml
Description: Editor for the VTk visualization toolkit
Updated: 07/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

What: Visualization Toolkit (VTk)
Where: http://www.kitware.com/opensource/vtk.html
Description: An object-oriented 3D visualization system (3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization) written in C++ with full bindings for Tcl/Tk, Java and Python. It has rendering support for OpenGL, Starbase, GL, XGL, and X.
It will run on UNIX, Windows96 and WindowsNT.
This is the code from the Prentice Hall book "The Visualization Toolkit, an Object-Oriented Approach to 3D Graphics" (ISBN 013199837-4). Version 2.0 beta is currently available.
Updated: 08/2001
Updated: 2013-06-27 VTK 6.0.0
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Kenneth M Martin)
Contact: http://www.kitware.com/company/contact.html

Where: http://www.visualizationtoolkit.org/
Description: Visualization toolkit for Computational Fluid Dynamics data, written in Python and tkinter.
Currently at version 0.6 .
Also available is a Python module implementing a Visualization pipeline browser, using VTK and Tkinter.
Currently at version 1.0 .
Updated: 07/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

What: vtkGUI
Where: http://www.hpc.cineca.it/software/vtkgui-visual-programming-tool-visualization-toolkit
Description: vtkGUI is a free, open source program written in TCL/IncrTCL that was initially inspired by vtkPipeline and vtkShow. Its purpose is to allow quick assembly of a VTK pipeline in order to teach/learn/prototype with VTK. vtkGUI is not meant to do any robust work. However, since it can save VTK pipelines in both TCL and C++ it can be used as the starting point for any bigger application.
Updated: 11/2004
Contact: mailto: [email protected]

What: VisuSimple
Where: http://dunne.uni-hd.de/VisuSimple/
Description: VisuSimple is an interactive visualization and graphics/mpeg-generation program for 2D- and 3D-data in the VTK-format. One can (among other things)
*read Structured or Unstructured data files in VTK-format ("data.vtk")
*visualize the grid
*visualize isolines (isosurfaces)
*visualize carpets of 2d scalar data, shading
*visualize vectorfields as arrows, multiple arrowtypes can be chosen from
*make simple animations
Updated: 12/2006
Contact: mailto: [email protected]

VTKit [L5 ] is a tclkit extended with the vtk 5.5 libraries for the Windows(tm) platform.

See : Primitive objects visualization with VTK and Tcl/Tk , Parametric surfaces visualization with VTK and Tcl-Tk , Supertoroid visualization with VTK and Tcl-Tk , Superellipsoid visualization with VTK and Tcl-Tk

Two VTK books are freely available for download :


- VTK User’s Guide [L6 ]

- Visualization Toolkit: An Object-Oriented Approach to 3D Graphics [L7 ]

Graph Visualization Library : a library of filters for visualizing large graphs. Includes Tcl/Tk example scripts.