What: WELD
Where: http://www.javafoundry.com/javapdf
Description: Web Enabled Logic Documents (WELD) make use of Jacl/Tcl to provide the ability to hold WWW applications together. WELD is an approach to building web pages based on the MVC pattern. It is similar to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) or Java Server Pages (JSP) but requires less work for the page designer and programmer. One creates WELD templates which are then expanded into HTML. WELD makes use of Jacl to glue together Web pages and Java Objects. Tcl variables may be used anywhere in a WELD template. Weld is a part of JavaPDF (the open source servlet utilities project).
Updated: 11/2005
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Lee T Hall)

What: Weld
Where: http://pdqi.com/
Description: Enhanced version of Tcl/Tk to which advanced validation and debugging capabilities have been added. Weld is a commercial product.
Currently at version 2.x .
Updated: 03/2008
Contact: See web site