WISH Checkbook

WISH Checkbook , by David McClamrock, is a home finance manager written with gnocl.



WISH Checkbook 2010 is available in a "tar.gz" package including the program, documentation, and a simple installation script for Linux/Unix operating systems, as well as a .PET package ready for single-click installation on Puppy Linux.


WISH Checkbook 2010 is a simple home finance manager written in Tcl/Tk, requiring Tcl and Tk 8.5 (or greater, when there is an even greater version). Features include, among others, the following:

  • Quick start-up of new accounts.
  • Multiple accounts, and transfers among them, can be easily managed.
  • Scheduled transactions help you avoid overlooking bills; these transactions can be modified permanently (from the scheduled transaction window) or temporarily (from the account entry window).
  • Categories (optional, not required!) are automatically listed and can be quickly retrieved.
  • Transactions can be searched for by date, check number, transaction name, or category.
  • Accounts can be exported as tab-delimited or comma-delimited text, or as HTML tables.
  • Uncleared transactions from one account can easily be rolled over into a new account.