WISH Disc-Writer

WISH Disc-Writer CD/DVD writer



WISH Disc-Writer, the successor to WISH CD-Writer, is a simple program for CD/DVD writing and rewriting on Linux and other Unix-type operating systems. Requires Tcl 8.5 or greater, gnocl, and three commonly available free programs (or their successors that can be invoked by their names and do the same things, e.g., "wodim"): "mkisofs" to create CD images, "cdrecord" to blank CD-RWs or write data CDs, and "growisofs" to produce DVD images and write them to DVDs.

Unlike some other CD/DVD writing programs, WISH Disc-Writer is not intended to give the user access to as many CD/DVD-writing options as possible. It is intended to present computer users with as few difficult options as possible, while being as useful as possible for common purposes such as burning downloaded ISOs (CD/DVD images) to CDs or DVDs; creating ("mastering") new data CDs or DVDs for copying and distribution; copying data CDs or DVDs (including bootable ones); backing up files on CDs or DVDs; and blanking rewritable CDs.

WISH Disc-Writer 2011 is available in a "tar.gz" package including the program, documentation, and a simple installation script for Linux/Unix operating systems, as well as a .PET package ready for single-click installation on Puppy Linux.