WISH Mini-Console

WISH Mini-Console



WISH Mini-Console 2011 is a simple, Tcl-based, Unix-type command-line console. It can run single-line and multiple-line Tcl/Tk commands, as well as many (though not all) common Unix commands. It has at least the following advantages over traditional Unix consoles for Tcl users:

  • Tk text widget offers greater flexibility in editing multiple-line expressions.
  • Command history listbox allows quicker review and re-running of numerous past commands.
  • Multiple-line expressions are auto-tabbed in accordance with standard Tcl style.
  • Paired braces, brackets, and the like can be inserted (and the cursor can be positioned between them) with a single key combination.
  • Word wrap, character wrap, or no wrap can be applied to lines.
  • Expressions in commands and output can be searched for.
  • Code can easily be saved in files.
  • Users need never type "tclsh" again (well, hardly ever).

WISH Mini-Console 2011 is available in a "tar.gz" package including the program, documentation, and a simple installation script for Linux/Unix operating systems, and a .PET package ready for single-click installation on Puppy Linux.