(From clt):

I have written a small module to achieve a reliable communication between two process using named pipes (or fifo). The name is WNPComm. I have also written the Tcl bindings. Perhaps someone is interested to try it, and perhaps someone would participate in its development.

WNPComm is a part of Linuxwoodo open-source project. This is mainly a container for sub-projects. So, you can see more details on the Linuxwoodo website:



If you choose WPComm on the left-side menu then the right-side menu will show you all the available options (download, documentation,... and so on).


In the download section you can find the source code (tar.gz), the Slackware binary package (.tgz), and a self installing file (.sh).


In order to use WNComm you have to install wgClibs and wgCppLibs. They are C and C++ generic libraries. You can find them on Linuxwoodo website.


In the future I would add a network layer, and an asynchronous storage layer. Over this I will write the Perl bindings too, and I will try to write and fix the English documentation. I am sorry because the English docs are uncompleted and with language errors inside, but my English is far to be good :-(

For every question, please, write me an email: [email protected].

Thank you very much for your time, I will be happy to read feedback, suggestions, comments... and to receive fix, path... I will be happy to answer to everyone.

Silvano Catinella <catine... at yahoo dot com> - Italy