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WOBBLE stands for: Web Of Binary Building and Linking Engines

It has a homepage at http://www.equi4.com/wobble/

Taken from that page:

WOBBLE is a software development tool to build binaries remotely. This is based on one or more HTTP-based Wobble servers running a CGI script, handling the following simple tasks (and a bit more):

  • Take source code, compile it, and return the ".o" object code.
  • Link a set of object files into an executable or a shared library.

There is a (now dormant) discussion mailing list at http://www.thecliff.com:8015/discuss/

After a peak of discussions in September 1998, it led to a first implementation - a Perl server and a Tcl client, proving that scripting overcomes all barriers - which is able to compile C and C++ and link object code over the web.

The WOBBLE project is waiting for better times, I think - when it will make more sense to build small binaries, such as Tcl extensions. The new Stubs interface is clearly a step towards that goal.'

-- JCW


AK: Ray Johnson just posted on c.l.t.a. [L1 ] an invitation to an Tcl extension summit for discussion about uniform building of extension, surrounding infrastructure, etc. Too far away for us europeans, but they plan to place an initial proposoal on a website as well. If that goes through and is sensible, Wobble might get a shove too.

Excerpt: Scriptics is hosting an "invitation only" summit in the S.F. Bay Area on March 15th & 16th. The purpose of the summit is to improve the architecture for writing C & Tcl based extensions for Tcl. By making the process of building and distributing extensions more uniform and defined we plan to make it both easier to write extensions and easier to incorporate extensions into site installations

AK: Issues to discuss:

  • Transport
  • Security (Server, Packages, Trojan)
  • Package standards

AK: I just saw http://www.thecliff.com:8015/discuss/ . That was a nice surprise. All of these internal mailing lists one suspected to exist, but never knew about :-).