The Wafe application environment is designed to make it easier to write GUI applications from within several languages using Tk as a basis.

A page to locate the various versions of Wafe can be found at http://www.es.net/pub/public-domain/wafe/.INDEX.html and Wafe's home page can be found at http://www.wu-wien.ac.at/wafe/wafe.html . [URLs are broken]

PFW ~ http://afs.wu-wien.ac.at/wafe/ was active as of 18 Oct 2006

What: Wafe
Where: http://nestroy.wi-inf.uni-essen.de/wafe/
Description: Application forming an interface to the Tcl binding to Xt and various widget sets like Athena (Xaw3d), OSF/Motif (1.1 to 2.0), and others. At the above FTP site are many other associated tar files, such as Linux binaries, Xaw3d, documentation, etc. Wafe can be used as a frontend for programs in arbitrary programming languages (there are example programs written in Perl and Python contained in the package). As of version v1.0.18 Wafe supports the Kino widget class, Mosaic HTML widget, plotter widgets, XmGraph widget, Layout widget, tree widget, XbaeMatrix widget, Ghostview widget, Eurobridge widget, analog clock widget, most of the FWF widget classes, libWWW, LDAP library and more. Wafe supports graphic formats such as XBM, XPM, GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Various object oriented Tcl extensions such as OTcl or itcl are also supported. SSLEAY is supported. Available in RedHat's .rpm format. The current version supports Tcl 8.0, SSL streams, the choice of Tcl or Xt event loop, as well as a number of new modules. Package includes cineast, an extensible WWW browser, written using Otcl and Wafe. Other sample applications, such as htmlEdit, cpu-bars, gsv, pinger, xwafemail, etc. are also included. In version v1.0.19, Tcl_Objects are supported, UTF support when used with Tcl 8.1, Knvas widgets, Kino-2 widgets.
Currently at version 1.0.20.
Updated: 04/2006
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (WaFE mailing list)

What: tkSound
Where: ftp://sound.media.mit.edu/pub/Code/tksound-1995jan21.tar.gz
Description: Sound file examiner. Comes with a new tcl command to instance tcl objects corresponding to AIFF files, a tk widget to display sound data as a wafe form, a widget to display a labeled axis, a widget to display a 2D array of bytes as a greyscale image, as well as a couple of applications.
Updated: 05/1997
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Dan Ellis)

What: FSP client
Where: ftp://genie.lut.ac.uk/murf/
Description: Wafe/Perl based interface to FSP.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Martin Hamilton)

What: Tk Perl 4 (Grobgeld)
Where: ftp://ftp.cis.ufl.edu/pub/perl/scripts/wish.pl.gz
Description: Perl 4 library for accessing the Tcl/Tk interpreter from within Perl. Based on PerlWafe. This is different from the pTk extension.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Dov Grobgeld)

What: Wafe graphical cross-reference browser
Where: From the contact
Description: A graphical interface to cref written in Wafe and Perl.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Mike Eggleston) ???

What: Wafeperl
Where: ftp://ftp.wu-wien.ac.at/pub/src/X11/wafe/wafeperl-0.2.tar.gz
Description: A version of Perl enhanced with Wafe extensions. Contact has also posted at least one patch. Also included in Wafe 1.0 distribution.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Gustaf Neumann)

What: Wafepython
Where: From the contact
Description: An extension to Python allowing one to build graphical user interfaces based on OSF/Motif or Athena Widgets. Uses Wafe (Tcl/Xt/Extensions/Widgets) to gain access to the widgets. Also included in Wafe 1.0 distribution.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Gustaf Neumann)