WebSubmit [L1 ] is a Web-based utility providing access to applications on a collection of heterogeneous computing resources. Its goal is to make it easy to use computing resources via the Web without requiring knowledge of the specifics of unfamiliar operating systems and dynamic application environments. Users can effectively log into distinct computing environments and perform tasks without needing a detailed knowledge of their operating environment.

A collection of machines, referred to as the cluster and determined by the site administrators, can be accessed through WebSubmit. Strong authentication using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol lets registered users connect to the system, and when validated by a WebSubmit authority, gives them access to a group of application modules. Each application module is presented as an HTML form; this form is filled out and submitted to the server, which then processes the request and executes the desired tasks on the specified remote system using another secure protocol. The system is flexible and extensible, and its modularity promotes ease of use, maintainability, and interface development.

Software Features:


  • WebSubmit uses strong authentication techniques based on digitally-signed certificates to perform authentication. Users can rest assured that use of the system is no less secure than using a standard telnet session to a remote system.


  • Not only can users select which application modules are visible, but they can select between basic and advanced modes for many of the applications. In this way, WebSubmit spans the broad specturm of user needs.

Session Management

  • WebSubmit provides a way to save your work, so that you can retrieve information entered in WebSubmit applications at a later date. Users can create their own personal libraries for most applications, thus saving time and making life easier in general!