What is involved in creating a software distribution which includes Tcl/Tk scripts

What's involved in renaming pages? Surely we could've just named this page Creating software distributions which include Tcl/Tk - Sheesh!

Purpose: to discuss the issues, and possible solutions, to building software that can then be used by others.

There are numerous layers to this problem:

  • General issues GNU tools versus...
  • Which of the various deployment file formats will be used?
  • Where does the package get installed?
  • What needs to be included in a distribution?
  • Distributions containing script extensions
  • Distributions containing executable script applications
  • Distributions including binary only extensions
  • Distributions including binary only applications
  • Distributions including "to be compiled" source code extensions
  • Distributions including "to be compiled" source code applications
  • Distributions including documentation
  • Distributions including application dependent files (files which need some other application installed to access them - Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, etc.)
  • Distributions including other types of files (graphics, data, etc.)

Well friends - have a look at the topics above. I am certain that there will be some overlap between some of the topics. In those cases, feel free to spin off a separate page to address the topic, leaving a link here to the discussion. See what is involved in creating a CD-ROM containing runnable Tcl/Tk scripts discussions for additional fodder - perhaps some of the info common to these two pages should itself be spun off into its own page as well.