Who Wants to Be a Tcl Hacker: Quiz Game


  Who Wants To Be a Tcl Hacker:  quiz game for Tcl/2k, Feb 14-18, 2000
  Michael McLennan
  [email protected]
  Copyright (c) 2000  Michael J. McLennan
 NOTE: it requires BLT and snack

MPJ ~ Someone recently asked for this on TkChat so I am posting a copy I found on my harddrive (it still seems to work fine in MsWindows).


A zip file (keep the directory structure when unpacking) is here [L1 ] (6 MB).

I tried to make it a TclKit but as BLT is not stubbified this is not possible. You can use dqkit as BLT is built into this version.


  1. Launch the whowants.tcl
  2. Right click on the logo to get to the main screen
  3. Wait until the intro is complete
  4. Double click the "white box" with the ??? , this will give you a new random number which is a member in the audience (tickets we given at the door)
  5. Right click the "Reset" word located next to the top right corner of the "white box"
  6. Wait until the intro is complete
  7. Right click the double arrows located next to the bottom right corner of the "white box"
  8. The new question is revealed and music in played in the background
  9. Now right click each question to reveal one of the possible answers
  10. If you want to use "50:50" "Life Line" "Ask the Audience" then double click on the symbol
  11. To select a answer hold down the SHIFT and right click on the guessed answer. It will turn orange and you have a chance to chance your "guess". Repeat this to make it your final answer.
  12. Clicking the speaker in the top right corner brings up more menu options.

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