Why Tcl Still Matter

Quick compile of core out of box (tclN.tar.gz), socket, fconfigure, fileevent, after, Tcl threads (message passing api), tclkit, the still easy meshing with C, tons of free "wrapped" C libs, the still simple core (no we don't need OO there nor do we need FP -- even if it would be cool).

When all toying (playing with other more advanced languages and paradigms) done, its time to roll up the sleeves and bang out some Tcl.

Damn you Tcl!

-- Todd Coram

Why does Tcl still matter? - RS: Tcl matters to some (to me very much), and doesn't to the vast majority of the Earth's population... As a linguist, I've been interested in programming languages for thirty years, from Assembler to Lisp to C++, but haven't found another one that gives me more power to do almost anything, including very unexpected things. We have FP, and we can have most any flavor of OO with little effort, need it or not :)

LV I don't understand why so much energy is expended trying to distract developers from writing code and into defending their use of a language.

jbr Code is Data is Code