Wiki page cleanup

It is now 2004. This wiki could do with some cleaning... - May 30, 2004, it's happening a bit right now...

On and off, there have been suggestions to (re-) organize pages on this wiki, now that there are many thousands of pages, some of it with stale information, some of it with discussions which really no longer add value, plus the ever-recurring issue of indexing these pages further so things are easier to find.

FWIW, I'd be in favor of a relatively drastic sweep and some pretty brutal deletions to go with it:

  • IMO, people who frequent the wiki often enough to feel confident about recognizing what is old, stale, obsolete should not hesitate to make sweeping changes to pages they come across: a higher signal-to-noise ratio is better than "more pages"...
  • this might lead to some raised eyebrows, occasionally even bad feelings - but there are a number of ways to deal with that:
    • point to matching page in when deleting large amounts of text
    • or point out that every page now has a "Revisions" link at the bottom
    • always sign a deletion with your name, so it is clear who stepped in
    • add a brief comment explaining what was removed (or moved) and why
    • avoid meta-debates: if someone puts text back, leave it alone
  • the above ought to overcome a (pleasant) trait most of us have: reluctance to touch someone else's writing
  • it's now easy (for me, as admin) to change the capitalization of page titles: just let me know, please
  • perhaps even more important, is the need to create more cross-referencing / link-summary pages

The wiki's opening page (i.e. the default) has had an overhaul and should be much friendlier for first-time visitors now.


I've written a script which extracts URLs from the snapshot (wikit.tkd) of the Tcler's Wiki. As a preliminary result, I have a whole bunch of Bad URLs on the Wiki. - PS 30May2004