Wiki summary - 29 august 2021

It has been far too long since the previous summary, so let's pick it up again with the activities of last month.

Packaged and shipped

It may not appear immediately on the Wiki front page, but if you deal with Python as well as Tcl, you might be interested in the Tohil package which offers a seamless connection between the two languages in both directions!

If Markdown is not quite your cup-of-tea, perhaps this pandoc-tcl-filter extension for pandoc helps you convert your documents to a more agreeable format.

Talking of formats, what about tclMUpdf to dispaly and manipulate PDF documents directly?

The BAWT framework has seen its first 2.0 release - build C/C++ libraries never was easier.

And if you need add-ons to the Tk set of widgets, such a tooltips or automatically appearing scrollbats, just get the dgw-package and use the goodies.

Make believe

Here is a tool for simulating networks: Common Open Research Emulator, it is open-source with a Tk GUI. Have fun.

Object-oriented programming can be as complex as you want to make it. But it can also be unbelievably simple, as Thingy: a one-liner OO system demonstrates. And you can actually use it!

Fed up with JavaScript? Use this more-than-half-forgotten technique to animate your web pages without a single line of JavaScript: multipart/x-mixed-replace.

Turtle geometry makes a comeback on the Wiki: try out the Turtleshell and see how surprisingly simple surprisingly complicated pictures can be drawn. For the more mathematically inclined, you can also try to design an L-system 2D.

Revival of an old game ... Tk Robots - not your chronicler's forte, I'm afraid. I failed immediately.

Odd ones out

Don't you love graphs? I mean, not the xy-plots or the like, but the graphs that describe a network or the dependencies among pieces of code. Well, hidden behind the simple title Gremlin is a graph database with a matching traversal language and, more importantly, a Tcl interface.

And to round it off: some pretty pictures from a SCADA package called Lynx - see this page: Company: Gillam