Wize - Wish Integrated Zip Executable

WIZE , or Wish Integrated Zip Executable is an application development environment for creating scripted GUI applications. The author is now working on JSI instead.

Fossil repository .


PCM: Wize is a relatively complete development environment using the .zip archive format to provide built-in packaging in order to deliver dependency-free applications.

Wize has the following features:

  • A complete set of Widgets (plus an enhanced Blt).
  • Tiled background image support for widgets and items (eg. polygons).
  • Shaped windows under Windows and X11.
  • Enhance photo copy and Gradient image generation.
  • Sound (snack) and 3D Graphics extensions.
  • A standalone executable with built-in extensions.
  • A database (Sqlite) plus a networked client/server SOS.
  • An Admin interface with numerous demo applications.
  • Simple to use inputs dialogs.
  • Support for complex layouts using Gui.
  • Execution of applications from .zip files.
  • Built-in Tcl/Tk code Validation.
  • Tcl compiler and bytecode loader.
  • Header and stublibs included for compiling extensions.
  • A BSD License.

In short, it provides many of the features missing from Tck/Tk.


LV: Wow - I like several of the things I see here.

I have a question for you. The changes you made in Tcl/Tk 8.5 - have patches for these changes been submited to http://tcl.sf.net/ ? I would love to see Wize in a position to make use of the latest releases of Tcl/Tk.

PCM: Sorry, no patches submitted yet. All efforts are being concentrated on producing a unified, seamless environment.

JHJL Seconded! I am very impressed and would dearly love to use Blt under the latest 8.5. Any chance of a Blt for 8.5 dll :) Thanks for making Wize available.

You can just checkout blt from wize CVS and build it. However, the tiling for Tk won't work as it requires patching Tk.





LVwikignome 2010-03-02 14:28:45

As of March 2, 2010, Wize is based on Tcl 8.5a5. Are there any plans to bring Wize up to Tcl 8.6beta?

PCM: Wize 3.0, but that won't be for a while yet.

SEH: Also, I couldn't find an overall license statement for the author's original code. What license is the original parts of the package released under?

LVwikignome - 2010-03-02 15:21:12

http://pdqi.com/w/pw/pdqi/Wize/Faq states that Wize uses BSD license.