WubWikit Thanks

CMcC 19May07 the oscar speech (however premature)

The last few weeks have seen the re-engineering, re-hosting and re-launching of the Tcler's Wiki by a band of people. There are still things to work on, but the wiki's mostly-usable most of the time.

The effort to get here was significant, and mostly occurred in the background while we tried to keep the service available and improving.

There are plans for significant feature-improvement, and the wikit back-end code will be further opened to collaboration and improvement by interested people once this service is completely stable.

I would like to thank the following people, in street-address order, with apologies for anyone who I have temporarily neglected to mention, for their hard and on-going work to get us to this point:

And the following people (in shoe-size order) for taking the time to make truly helpful suggestions, for bug detection, encouragement and offers of support and help:

Thank you all very much.