XChat plugin

Filter status messages

Christian Rapp 08/17/2010: I was very annoyed by all the status messages coming from our ijchain bot when connected to #tcl via irc. As you can't just ignore ijchain, I've written a very simple TCL script, that filters all channel action events.

#!/usr/bin/env tclsh

set script ijchainIgnoreStatus.tcl
set ver 0.1

print "*** \0038,2 $script v$ver loaded \003"

on XC_CHANACTION checkStatus {
    if {[string match -nocase *ijchain* $_raw] && [string match -nocase "*has become available*" $_raw] || [string match -nocase "*has left*" $_raw]} {
        complete EAT_ALL

Feel free to use this code. More information about the xchat TCL plugin can be found here