Bugs found in XOtclIde fixed bugs will be removed from this page

  1. Browser is wrong (menu crashed) if corresponding object is destroyed.
  2. Tcl proc on ErrorStack are not highlighted and saving ro repository is ignored.

1. Browser is wrong (menu crashed) if corresponding object is destroyed.

ATK: This state should not happen in normal usage because the life of browser object is coupled withlife of browser object.

JimG - 3.4.2005

It seems that the workspace can't understand puts and when doing this on Windows using prebuilt binary version of XOTclIDE

    puts "should be displayed"

nothing happen when you do it or print it and will get a warning dialog when inspect it.

Michael Heca Open console from menu System -> Tcl Console.

Artur Trzewik Indeed. Workspace is not a console. But simple edit area for evaluating short tcl-script. Just select a text and choose command from popup menu. "Do It" - just eval the script. "Print It" - evaluate the text and insert a result just after cursor. "Inspect It" - evalute the script and try open object browser if the result is XOTcl object or list of objects. "System -> Tcl Console" works only for windows. On unix you will see the outputs if you have started XOTclIDE from shell. Smalltalk systems redirect stdout to Transcript window, which is special Workspace, but this behavior is not implemented in XOTclIDE. Man could do it the way like TclConsole do it (override puts command)