sorry for saying Y2K but I was just curious.

About what? Anyway, the only Y2K (geesh!) bug I found is that my mail reader (SLRN) seems to have gone haywire. I haven't had time to figure out whether it's actually SLRN, or if the mail server here is fried! -PSE

LV: I don't think that slrn uses Tcl, does it? There has been at least one report on news:comp.lang.tcl of some problems (unlikely to be directly related to y2k) with Tcl's clock command and calculating forward dates. Interestingly enough, I also have seen similar problems in two different C programs. The weird thing in all of these cases is that the software appeared to work find BEFORE Jan 1, 2000 . Weird, huh?

PSE: Nope, SLRN does not use Tcl. It turned out to be the mail server, not SLRN. I don't know if the mail server uses Tcl. In any case it was fixed... or fixed itself. Most of the y2k problems I heard about seem to have gone away since those large bat-winged creatures with human faces flew off.

BG: But TkRat[L1 ] does use Tcl - tkratshell is a special purpose wish linked with UW's c-client IMAP/POP3 library. If you are using it, and your sent-mail box has started to grunge up, look for years on the mbox divider "From " lines that say 19100 instead of 2000. Known bug, but commonly unfixed. Postilion[L2 ] uses the same custom wish.