Co-founding Partner, ZNFrontier ( [L1 ] )

COO, SSII | Shaping Startups, Inspiring Innovations ( [L2 ] )


YekSoon (YS) is a technology visionary, strategist and serial entrepreneur. Having spent his entire career working in startups and accelerators, he understands first hand the challenges that startups founders faced.

Prior to founding ZNFrontier and SSII, he has worked in prominent startups like SilkRoute Ventures, Firstwave, Asia Pathways and Reciprocal. He also founded Neusteps, a consultancy firm specialising in building high-performance scalable systems for clients like Sony, Bertalsmann, Aberdeen, ENRON, and NTT Data.

YekSoon has worked across different countries including Singapore, China, United States and Germany. He is also a Board Member of PanLyseis and Lean Launchpad mentor for National University of Singapore.