Your social contribution as a Tcl'er

So that this is not forgotten...

On comp.lang.tcl, Kevin Kenny wrote on 14 September 2001:

In the face of the catastrophe in New York, the daily work of Tcl'ers in improving our language can seem pedestrian and futile. Nevertheless, everyone who has contributed to the Tcl core over the years can take some small measure of pride in helping with the recovery from this week's heinous attack upon the United States.

In just the applications of which I have detailed knowledge, I know that Tcl is used in

  • instrumentation on the 95+ generators being brought to a staging site in New Jersey to provide electricity for rebuilding Manhattan,
  • testing (and sometimes defining protocols) on the medical imaging equipment being used to treat the survivors,
  • configuration management at the factories that built the light tower units that light the way for the ambulances going to St Vincent's and Bellevue,
  • and of course in bringing the news of this disaster out to an anxious world.

Thanks, folks.