José Lopes Moreira - jose dot moreira at epopeia dot pt

Tcl newbie for the last 10 years. I use Tcl at work and at home for small tasks: parsing text / Excel files to SQL statements, extracting information from web sites (ebay, mailfriends, kexp, airliners, allmusic...), sorting downloaded files automatically, checking and starting Windows processes. I'm always working on automated viewer / editor for Atlantis Play by E-mail game reports.

I really like reading this wiki. I (used to) read comp.lang.tcl and wiki.tcl.tk/4 every day; I wonder why, I don't use Tcl that often... I guess it's because I really like the natives.

In RL I use Visual Studio 2005 and Outsystems :). Most of my company's work (http://www.epopeia.pt ) is developing business solutions using Agile methodologies on the Outsystems platform.

Oracle Documentation: a list of Oracle documents about Intelligent Agent / Enterprise Manager and Tcl.

KEXP radio playlist a System Tray icon: using the http and winico packages to display information. - Typo in the title... :-(

web2desktop: I use this script to set the daily UserFriendly cartoon as my Windows desktop background.

burt: I just wanted to create this page to ask a question..

gerwin: I'm trying to use GerWin, a free Entity-Relation tool.

Services under Microsoft Windows NT