What: _scriptFormat
Where: https://github.com/thorst/TCL-Tools
Description: A simple, open source, easy to use code beatifier, written in tcl.
Currently at version 1.
Updated: 2015-04-25
Contact: https://github.com/thorst/TCL-Tools/issues

This is a new tool that is very simple. It is part of a series of tools to help make tcl slightly higher level to increase development speed. My team (3 others) and I use this to quickly format all of our scripts.

Because it's new and our scripts are rather simple, I'm curious how it performs on other more complex scripts.

It first creates a backup of your script, then it redoes all the indenting. It wouldn't take it from a minified state to expanded state. It assumes your returns are they way you want. Just that your tabbing is off.

It ignores anything in a mass comment like if 0 {}

File a bug on github with a sample of your code and how you would like it to look.

I'm also looking for similar common functions that you use frequently in your code, to help build a library of tools.