Addressbook is a program to manage your addresses, phone numbers, e-mailaddresses and everything which is now written in your rolodex. Addressbook is copyrighted by Clemens Durka, but available under the GNU GPL.

Some features are:

 * Graphical User Interface
 * Multi language support (now english, german, french, dutch, swedish, finnish)
 * All the addresses are displayed in a listbox
 * The actual address can be edited in a form
 * Configurable fields contents
 * fast search by typing the first letters of a name
 * search configurable for regular expression, matching or exact
 * External programs can be called with contents of some fields (so you can dial a phonenumber by pressing a button)
 * Standalone perl program for fast search without GUI

Available at: [L1 ]


Suggestion for a PIM

2004.12.20 WJR Hi - I'm looking for a Tcl/Tk-based addressbook or PIM. Any recommendations? Thanks!

unperson Well, Addressbook should fit the bill nicely: it is an address book and it is written in TCL/TK.

On the other hand, I have seen an excellent address book programmed by GPS: it was called Grindweb. It was working with hyperlinks and used to be available for download until GPS decided to take it out of his page (I never quite knew why).

It was incomplete and not quite yet intuitive but it could have been completed in a matter of days. As for the formatting, I believe giving a choice of fonts and font sizes would have been more than enough.

Anyway it is not available anymore and it is really too bad!

Second part of the answer: See Personal Wikis

dbohdan 2015-03-15: This program was written for Tcl 7.3-7.6 and while it starts up when run with Tcl 8.6.3 it is not fully compatible. You get errors like 'invalid command name "tkListboxBeginSelect"'.