What:  aqtools (formerly js tools)
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 Updated: 08/2007
 Contact: See the web site

Description: A suite of applications along with reusable libraries used in these applications. Applications include:

  • an abbreviation manager (jabbrevs)
  • a multi-font help viewing system (jdoc)
  • a extensible multi-font, multi-mode text editor (jedit - includes some vi-like bindings)
  • a tool supporting multilingual text msg management (jldb)
  • a graphical analogue to more (jmore)
  • a preferences manager (jprefs)
  • numerous other support tools and demonstration programs

Note that there are a large number of useful procedures that come as a part of this package, including:

  • a set of rich text management procedures
  • procedures to save tagged and marked text to a file and restore it, as well as arbitrary metadata
  • saving to HTML, TeX, PostScript

Requires Tk 8.1 and has been used with Tcl/Tk 8.3.

Currently at version 0.2002.01.26