What: artts
Description: The anal retentive time tracking software (artts) allows you to track the amount of time spent on various tasks. Includes a simple report generator.
Updated: 04/2005
Contact: (Paul Coad)

Keith Woodcock reports:

Windoze 2K: I had to change the "source" line from +AH4-/.arttsrc to <full path to arttsrc>. Please note that the slashes go the correct (a la Unix) way round, and you may need to enclose in quotes. Examples below: Old

   source +AH4-/.arttsrc


   source "C:/Program Files/Artts/artts-1.2/arttsrc"

George Peter Staplin: You will probably have better results overall with file join. This should work with all platforms if I recall correctly:

 # source the users configuration file
 catch {source [file join $::env(HOME) .arttsrc]}