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ATKDebugger is a C extension to provide specific debugging commands to Tcl. It is a low API to enable one to write debugging tools in Tcl. Patches are available for Tcl versions 8.4.5 an 8.5


These functions are now possible:

  1. debugging in every context: procedure frame, global level, byte coded and directly evaluted
  2. invoking debugger in error case (not catched errors)
  3. breakpoints
  4. invoking debugger per special atk::halt command

The package also contains an example GUI debugger written in Tk. That can be used to debug all Tcl scripts just by starting it per

tclsh debugger.tcl yourscriptfile

There are also availabe starkit and tclkit with modified Tcl Interpreter (basen on Tcl8.4.5) as base GUI debugger that can be used to debugg tcl scripts.

The most advantage of atkdebugger comparing to use of "trace execution" commands is, that the debugger can be lunched in error case and allow to debugg programm direct at level where error occured. Atkdebugger can not only show the procedures for each execution level (with "info level") but compute exactly the execution point in source for each level (for everything also for dynamic cumputed scripts. eval $script). For that the so called technique intrumentalisation are not needed, that are used by pure Tcl debuggers and causes big performance lose.

atkdebugger is fully supported and integrated into XOTclIDE. From Version 0.55 XOTclIDE commes with starkit and kits (Linux x86 und Windows) with modified tcl interpreter and build-in atkdebugger.

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