autosetup , by Steve Bennett, is a build configuration tool based on Tcl.

See Also

Jim Tcl as a basis for configure and build system
A discussion about replacing bash -> m4 -> autoconf -> automake -> make with a Tcl-based system.
A simple Jam-based build system as an autosetup plugin.


autosetup solves the bootstrap problem by including a single-sourcefile version of Jim Tcl which will automatically be compiled and used if an appropriate Tcl interpreter isn't found.

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arjen - 2016-02-11 07:30:04

I am working on a Fortran module based on autosetup. It is fairly easy actually to do that and should fit in well with my Ftcl project ( ). Much better than the batch file and shell scripts that I have now. (As the interfacing between Fortran and C has been formalized since the Fortran 2003 standard, I intend to revise the code to take advantage of that facility)