awlight ttk theme

Current Version: 3.0 (2019-10-7)

Available at:

bll 2019-10-7: With version 3.0, if tksvg is present, the graphics will scale according to the tk scaling setting.

bll 2018-9-1: See also: awdark ttk theme. Uses graphics for the checkbuttons and radiobuttons. The notebook tab top color is created dynamically. Everything else is based on the clam theme.

  • Focus box around notebook tabs is larger.
  • Focus box for checkbuttons and radiobuttons covers both the indicator and the text.
  • Includes helper routines to set the colors for menu, listbox and text.

On Mac OS X for versions prior to 8.6.10, to override the aqua styled scrollbars, use:

ttk::scrollbar .sb -style Vertical.TScrollbar
ttk::scrollbar .sb -style Horizontal.TScrollbar

The -style option must be present when the scrollbar is created, an aqua scrollbar cannot be reconfigured.

 Change Log


  • Breaking change: The package name has been renamed so that 'package require awdark' works.
  • Support for tksvg has been added. New graphics have been added to support tksvg, and the graphics will scale according to the 'tk scaling' setting. 'tk scaling' must be set prior to the package require statement.
  • demottk.tcl has been updated to have scalable fonts. The 'tk scaling' factor may be specified on the command line: demottk.tcl <theme> [-scale <tk-scaling>]


  • Fix mac colors


  • Added missing TFrame style setup.


  • Some cleanup for text field background.


  • Added padding for Menu.TCheckbutton and Menu.TRadiobutton styles


  • Added support for flexmenu.
  • Fixed listbox frame.


  • Added Menu.TCheckbutton and Menu.TRadiobutton styles to support menu creation.


  • Add setBackground(), setHighlight() routines. If wanted, these require the colorutils package.
  • Remove the 'option add' statements and use a bind to set the combobox's listbox colors.
  • Merge awdark and awlight themes into a single package.
  • More color cleanup.
  • Make notebook top bar use dynamic colors.

1.1: change button anchor to default to center to follow majority of themes

::ttk::theme::awlight::setMenuColors .menuwidget

Sets the menu colors and also changes any checkbutton and radiobutton types to use thematic images. Run this after adding all the menu items to the menu.

Side effect: The menu will have -hidemargin set to true.

If you don't want the thematic images, run it before adding your menu items (and set -hidemargin back to false).

::ttk::theme::awlight::setTextColors .textwidget ?-dark?

Sets the text widget colors. If -dark is specified, the darker background color (as for entry) will be used.

::ttk::theme::awlight::setListboxColors .listboxwidget

Sets the listbox widget colors.

::ttk::theme::awdark::setBackground color

Changes the background color and all other colors to match. (like tk_setPalette). This will also call setTextColors, setListboxColors and setMenuColors on all registered widgets.

::ttk::theme::awdark::setHighlight color

Changes the highlight color.


After: ::ttk::theme::[ttk::style theme use]::setBackground #9fe6e8


Jeff Smith 2019-07-04 : Below is an online demo using CloudTk

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