Current Version: 10.4.0 (2021-6-18)

Available at:

Includes: awkdark, awlight themes, Scalable awdark, awlight, awwinxpblue, awblack, awbreeze, awbreezedark, awarc, awclearlooks themes when tksvg is present.


  • Helper routines to set text, menu, listbox colors.
  • Create additional styles at a different scale.
  • Helper routine to set the graphics/focus colors.
  • Helper routine to set the background color. Adjusts all colors.
  • Real checkbutton and radiobutton widgets in menus.

Debian package:

bll 2021-6-18: Important for 8.7: (a) If you want (or need) to use the older non-svg themes, you will need to set the ::notksvg variable to true before loading the awthemes package. (b) There is currently a bug with horizontal progress bars introduced in 8.7 ( ). The awthemes package has no way to work around this.

bll 2020-4-12: 'awthemes' started out as a couple of new themes, awdark and awlight. When tksvg came out, I created scalable versions of awdark and awlight. Helper routines are included to set menu colors, text widget colors and listbox widget colors.

The scalability uses the base tk scaling (it doesn't scale the fonts, those should be set to points and scaled by the application), and an additional application level scaling factor can also be set. A new style with a different scaling factor can be created, including scaled widgets and graphics, used simultaneously with the main style.

As of 2020-4-12 version 7.9, the breeze theme by Maximilian Lika has been added as a scalable theme. A couple of new helper routines to change the graphics/focus color and to change the background color have been added.


Theme licenses:

  Theme       License             Copyright
  arc         GPLv3               2015 Sergei Golovan
  black       Tcl                 2007-2008 Mats Bengtsson
  breeze      GPLv3               2019 Maximilian Lika
  breeze-dark GPLv3               2020 Bartek Jasicki
  clearlooks  Tcl                 Regents of the UC, Scriptics, etc.
                                  Based on a GTK theme.
  winxpblue   Tcl                 2004 Pat Thoyts

The awthemes package does not use any code or files from the above packages. The look and feel of an included theme may not match the original precisely.

Copyright 2018-2021 Brad Lanam, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Note: This license also applies to any .svg files packaged with awthemes that are included in the i/awthemes/ directory.

The program used to edit the .svg files may automatically add a license to the existing .svg files or new .svg files. This license overrides any license specified within the i/awthemes/*/*/*.svg files.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions:

1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.

2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.

3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.

 Old News

bll 2021-3-22: Added the awbreezedark theme based on breeze-dark by Bartek Jasicki ( ).

bll 2021-2-11: Set the text widget cursor color.

bll 2021-1-2: Added the 'getScaleFactor' procedure.

bll 2020-12-2: Added the ttk::theme::<theme> package names to the 'pkgIndex.tcl' file so that '*TkTheme' can be used in the option database. This also allows the ::ttk::themes and ::ttk:setTheme procedures to work. Due to this change, the theme names have been changed to have an 'aw' prefix so that they do not conflict with the original themes. The option database menu/listbox/text settings are now configured by default. bll 2020-11-10: Added -optiondb specifier to setMenuColors, setListboxColors, setTextColors to use the option database.

bll 2020-10-29: Fixed ability to have multiple scaled styles.

bll 2020-10-23: Cleanup. Internal color names have changed. If you use the 'setThemeColors' or 'getColor' functions, contact me to see if the colors you are accessing have had a name change.

bll 2020-10-16: Added the 'clearlooks' theme.

bll 2020-4-27: Added the 'arc' theme.

bll 2020-4-18: The various widget themes have been repackaged as widget "styles".

bll 2020-4-12: Added a scalable breeze theme. Based on Maximilian Lika's breeze theme version 0.8 ( Breeze at github ). New helper routines to change the graphics/focus color and the background color have been added.

bll 2019-11-30: Version 7.0 splits out the theme specific data into separate files.

bll 2019-11-23: Version 6.0 adds the scalable winxpblue theme.

bll 2019-11-19: Version 5.0 features an additional scaling setting for use by the application, and the ability to create a scaled style, giving different graphics sizes for the same theme using the new style.

bll 2019-10-4: With version 4.0, support for other themes has been added. A scalable 'black' theme has been implemented.

bll 2019-10-7: With version 3.0, if tksvg is present, the graphics will scale according to the tk scaling setting.

bll 2018-9-1: Just thought I would try and create a new theme. Loosely based on adwaita dark. I have learned more about ttk themeing, found issues in my application code related to colors and themes. Uses graphics for the checkbuttons and radiobuttons. The notebook tab top color is created dynamically. Everything else is based on the clam theme.


10.4.0 2021-06-18

  • awdark/awlight : change to use the solid widget theme for combobox arrows. This fixes scaling issues when the combobox font is changed.
  • Added combobox.color.arrow option.
  • Fix incorrect colors in arrow/solid widget theme.
  • Fix incorrect combobox/solid-bg settings.tcl.

10.3.0 2021-03-22

  • Add awbreezedark by Bartek Jasicki
  • Add active.color color for use by some widget themes.
  • Internal changes to support active color.
  • Fixed checkbutton width issues.
  • Cleaned up treeview chevron widget theme.

10.2.1 (2021-02-11)

  • Set text area -insertbackground so that the cursor has the proper color.

10.2.0 (2021-01-02)

  • Add 'getScaleFactor' procedure so that the user can scale their images appropriately.

10.1.2 (2020-12-20)

  • Menus: add support for menu foreground (menu.fg).
  • Option database initialization: Do not initialize the menu colors on Windows. Using 'setMenuColors' on Windows leaves the top menubar a light color, and the menu colors dark with a large border. Use: ::ttk::theme::${theme}::setMenuColors -optiondb to apply anyways.
  • setTextColors: Set text foreground colors appropriately.
  • Toolbutton: set selected color.
  • Menus: add support for menu relief (menu.relief). Default to 'raised'. Always keep the borderwidth set to 1, unscaled.
  • Menus: change background color for menus to a darker color.
  • Listbox: change -activestyle to none.

10.0.0 (2020-12-2)

  • option database is always updated. The text widget colors will default to -entry.
  • add ttk::theme::<theme> package names so that the option db can be used to set the theme and the old setTheme and ttk::themes procedures may be used.
  • Breaking change: Theme name changes to prevent conflicts with the originals. arc -> awarc, black -> awblack, breeze -> awbreeze, clearlooks -> awclearlooks, winxpblue -> awwinxpblue. Required due to the addition of the ttk::theme::<theme> package names.
  • Added manual page. (2020-11-16)

  • update licensing information

9.5.1 (2020-11-10)

  • progressbar/rect-bord: fix: set trough image border.
  • setMenuColors: add ability to set the option database.
  • setTextColors: add ability to set the option database.
  • setListboxColors: add ability to set the option database.
  • setMenuColors: change selectColor to use fg.fg (for option database).
  • setTextColors: add -background option.
  • setTextColors: deprecate -dark option.

9.5.0 (2020-10-29)

  • Fix so that multiple scaled styles will work.
  • Change so that scaled styles can have (a few of) their own colors.
  • Code cleanup

9.4.2 (2020-10-23)

  • Renamed internal color names. This may break backwards compatibility for anyone using 'setThemeColors' or 'getColor'.
  • removed 'setThemeGroupColor' function.
  • Fix so that a missing or incorrect widget style will fallback to 'none' and use the parent theme's style.
  • breeze, arc: fix active vertical scale handle.
  • Added $::themeutils::awversion to allow version checks.
  • Fix scalable themes so that they will fail to load if tksvg is not present.
  • Improve scaling/layout of combobox/solid-bg.
  • demottk.tcl: added 'package require' as a method to load the themes.
  • clean demo code before production releases.

9.4.1 (2020-10-16)

  • fix script for clearlooks theme.

9.4.0 (2020-10-16)

  • added scalable clearlooks theme.
  • scrollbar style: Fix so that a separate scrollbar slider style
     can be set, but still uses the progressbar/ directory.
  • arrow/solid, arrow/solid-bg, combobox/solid-bg: reduce arrow height.
  • treeview heading: improve colors.
  • setTextColors: set background color appropriately if the widget
     is in a normal state.
  • awdark/awlight: no tksvg: improved/fixed arrow colors.
  • arc: improved some colors. fixed tab height.
  • renamed scale/rect-bord-circle to scale/rect-bord-grip. clean up.
  • progressbar/rect-bord: clean up.
  • combobox/rounded: new widget style.
  • progressbar/rect-diag: new widget style.
  • button/roundedrect-gradient: new widget style.
  • scale/rect-narrow: new scale/scale-trough widget style.
  • demottk.tcl: beta: added a tablelist tab if tablelist 6.11+ is available.
  • demottk.tcl: added an '-autopath' option.

9.3.2 (2020-10-5)

  • setListboxColors: Fixed to properly set colors on removal/reinstantiation of a listbox.
  • Minor code cleanup.
  • setTextColors: Removed configuration of border width.

9.3.1 (2020-9-17)

  • Removed debug

9.3 (2020-9-17)

  • Fixed inappropriate toolbutton width setting.

9.2.4 (2020-8-14)

  • remove unneeded options for scrollbar

9.2.3 (2020-7-17)

  • remove focus ring from treeview selection.

9.2.2 (2020-6-6)

  • fix: settextcolors: background color.

9.2.1 (2020-5-20)

  • fix: progressbar: rect, rect-bord border size.

9.2 (2020-4-30)

  • arc: notebook: use roundedtop-dark style.
  • fix: set of background/highlight colors: remove extra adjustment.
  • fix: setBackground() color adjustments.

9.1.1 (2020-4-27)

  • Fixed package provide statements.

9.1 (2020-4-27)

  • progressbar: rect-bord: fixed sizing.
  • progressbar: rect-bord: removed border on trough.
  • various fixes for all themes.
  • Added 'arc' theme by Sergei Golovan

9.0 (2020-4-23)

  • added 'awtemplate.tcl' as an example to start a new theme.
  • simplified and regularized all images.
  • reworked color settings, made much easier to use.
  • reworked all radiobuttons and checkbuttons.
  • treeview: added selected arrow right and selected arrow down images.
  • arrows: added solid, open triangle styles.
  • progressbar: rounded-line: reduced width (breeze).
  • various fixes and improvements to all themes.
  • fix combobox listbox handler.
  • fix combobox color mappings.

8.1 (2020-4-20)

  • rename all colors names so that they can be grouped properly
  • fix: slider/trough display (padding).
  • fix: incorrect combobox state coloring.
  • fix background changes so that it only modifies the properly associated background colors.
  • added helper routine 'setThemeGroupColor'
  • changed 'setHighlightColor' to also change the select background color.

8.0 (2020-4-18)

  • menu radiobuttons and menu checkbuttons are now dynamically generated and any corresponding .svg files have been removed. This also fixes menu radio/check button sizing issues for themes other than awdark and awlight.
  • treeview arrows default to inheriting from standard arrows.
  • The themes have been reworked such that each widget has different styles that can be applied. All widget styles are now found in the i/awthemes/ directory, and individual theme directories are no longer needed. A theme's style may be overridden by the user.
  • style: slider/rect-bord: cleaned up some sizing issues (awdark/awlight)
  • style: arrow/solid-bg: cleaned up some sizing issues (awdark/awlight)
  • fix: disabled progressbar display.
  • fix: disabled trough display.

7.9 (2020-4-12)

  • winxpblue: fixed minor focus color issues (entry, combobox).
  • fixed incorrect scrollbar background color.
  • button: added state {active focus}.
  • entry: added ability to set graphics.
  • notebook: added hover, disabled graphics.
  • combobox: graphics will be set if entry graphics are present.
  • combobox: readonly graphics will be set to button graphics if both entry and button graphics are present (breeze theme).
  • menubutton: option to use button graphics for menubuttons.
  • toolbutton: option to use button graphics for toolbuttons.
  • 'setListBoxColors': remove borderwidth and relief settings.
  • spinbox: graphics will be set if entry graphics are present.
  • internal code cleanup: various theme settings have been renamed.
  • added breeze theme (based on Maximilian Lika's breeze theme 0.8).
  • add new helper routines to ::themeutils to set the background color and to set the focus/highlight color.
  • awdark/awlight: no tksvg: Fixed some grip/slider colors.
  • fix user color overrides

7.8 (2020-3-8)

  • set listbox and text widget highlight color, highlight background color.

7.7 (2020-1-17)

  • fix crash when tksvg not present.
  • improve awdark border colors.

7.6 (2019-12-7)

  • better grip design

7.5 (2019-12-4)

  • reworked all .svg files.
  • cleaned up notebook colors.
  • fixed scaling issue with scaled style scaling.
  • fixed combobox scaling.
  • fixed scrollbar arrows.
  • scaled combobox listbox scrollbar.

7.4 (2019-12-3)

  • added hasImage routine for use by checkButtonToggle
  • Fix menu highlight color

7.3 (2019-12-2)

  • fix spinbox scaled styling

7.2 (2019-12-2)

  • setBackground will not do anything if the background color is unchanged.
  • fixed a bug with graphical buttons.
  • make setbackground more robust.

7.1 (2019-12-1)

  • fix border/padding scaling, needed for rounded buttons/tabs.

7.0 (2019-11-30)

  • clean up .svg files to use alpha channel for disabled colors.
  • calculate some disabled colors.
  • fix doc.
  • split out theme specific code into separate files.
  • Fix scaledStyle set of treeview indicator.
  • make the tab topbar a generalized option.
  • merge themeutils package
  • clean up notebook tabs.
  • winxpblue: notebook tab graphics.
  • winxpblue: disabled images.
  • black: disabled cb/rb images.
  • black: add labelframe color.

6.0 (2019-11-23)

  • fix !focus colors
  • slider border color
  • various styling fixes and improvements
  • separate scrollbar color
  • optional scrollbar grip
  • button images are now supported
  • added winxpblue scalable theme
  • fixed missing awdark and awlight labelframe


  • add more colors to support differing spinbox and scroll arrow colors.
  • awlight, awdark, black theme cleanup
  • rename menubutton arrow .svg files.
  • menubutton styling fixes


  • rewrite so that the procedures are no longer duplicated.
  • rewrite set of arrow height/width and combobox arrow height.
  • Add scaledStyle procedure to add a scaled style to the theme.
  • Added a user configurable scaling factor.


  • rewrite pkgIndex.tcl


  • fix scaling of images.
  • adjust sizing for menu checkbutton and radiobutton.
  • add support for flexmenu.


  • breaking change: renamed tab.* color names to*
  • fix bugs in setBackground and setHighlight caused by the color renaming.
  • fix where the hover color for check and radio buttons is set.


  • add support for other clam based themes.
  • breaking change: the .svg files are now loaded from the filesystem in order to support multiple themes.
  • breaking change: All of the various colors and derived colors have been renamed.
  • awdark/awlight: Fixed empty treeview indicator.
  • added scalable 'black' theme.


  • Allow user configuration of colors.


  • Breaking change: The package name has been renamed so that 'package require awdark' works.
  • Support for tksvg has been added. New graphics have been added to support tksvg, and the graphics will scale according to the 'tk scaling' setting. 'tk scaling' must be set prior to the package require statement.
  • demottk.tcl has been updated to have scalable fonts. The 'tk scaling' factor may be specified on the command line: demottk.tcl <theme> [-scale <tk-scaling>]


  • Fix mac colors


  • Added missing TFrame style setup.


  • Some cleanup for text field background.


  • Added padding for Menu.TCheckbutton and Menu.TRadiobutton styles


  • Added support for flexmenu.
  • Fixed listbox frame.


  • Added Menu.TCheckbutton and Menu.TRadiobutton styles to support menu creation.


  • Add setBackground(), setHighlight() routines. If wanted, these require the colorutils package.
  • Remove the 'option add' statements and use a bind to set the combobox's listbox colors.
  • Merge awdark and awlight themes into a single package.
  • More color cleanup.
  • Make notebook top bar use dynamic colors.

1.4: change button anchor to default to center to follow majority of themes

1.3: clean up images a little

1.2: fix button press color

1.1: per request, remove the leading :: from the package name.

1.0: More fixes for Mac OS X.

0.9: Fixes for Mac OS X.

0.8: Set disabled field background color for entry, spinbox, combobox. Set disabled border color.

0.7: Fixed listbox helper routine. Added option for dark background for the text helper routine

0.6: Fixed hover highlight on notebook tabs.

 Application Scaling

In order to match the theme graphics size to the font size, the application can:

   tk scaling 1.3888 ; # set the tk scaling appropriate to the user's computer

   set sz1 [font metrics TkDefaultFont -ascent] ; # the default font size for Tk
   set sz2 [font metrics appfont -ascent]       ; # the application font default size
   set scale [expr {double($sz2)/double($sz1)}]   ; # calculate the scaling ratio
   package require awthemes
   ::themeutils::setThemeColors awdark \
       scale.factor $scale
   package require awdark 

 Demonstration: Scaled Styles

Same theme, different styles, different graphics sizes:

A new style with appropriately sized graphics can be created. For example, the application may have a base application font size used everywhere, and an alternate sized font for data listings.

The application can then:

  package require awdark
  if { [info commands ::ttk::theme::[ttk::style theme use]::scaledStyle] ne {} } {
    ::ttk::theme::[ttk::style theme use]::scaledStyle Listing mainfont listingfont

Then the data listings are created using Listing.TCheckbutton, Listing.TCombobox, etc. which match the font size specified.

All of the Listing.* widgets have re-configured graphics sizes to match the specified font.

(See the demoscaled.tcl script)


 Image: Scaled awdark theme


 Image: Scaled awlight theme


 Image: Scaled winxpblue theme


 Image: Scaled breeze theme


 Image: Scaled black theme


 Image: Scaled arc theme


 Image: Scaled clearlooks theme


 Example: Change the background color
package require awthemes
package require colorutils
::themeutils::setBackgroundColor awdark #442233
package require awdark


 Example: Change the graphics and focus color
package require awthemes
::themeutils::setHighlightColor awdark #007000
package require awdark


 Example: Change the progressbar/scale/scrollbar style to the rounded-line style, no grip.
package require awthemes
::themeutils::setThemeColors $theme \
      style.progressbar rounded-line \
      style.scale circle-rev \
      style.scrollbar-grip none \
      scrollbar.has.arrows false
package require awdark


::ttk::theme::awdark::setMenuColors {.menuwidget|-optiondb}

Sets the menu colors and also changes any checkbutton and radiobutton types to use thematic images. Run this after adding all the menu items to the menu.

Side effect: The menu will have -hidemargin set to true.

If you don't want the thematic images for checkbutton and radiobutton menu entries, run it before adding your menu items (and set -hidemargin back to false).

If -optiondb is specified instead of a widget, the *Menu.* color configurations are changed in the options database.

If -optiondb is specified, the thematic images for checkbutton and radiobutton menu entries will not be set.

::ttk::theme::awdark::setTextColors {.textwidget|-optiondb} ?{-entry|-background}?

Sets the text widget colors. Without an option, the background color is determined by the state (normal/disabled) of the text widget. If -entry is specified, the entry background color will be forced. If -background is specified the normal background color will be forced.

If -optiondb is specified instead of a widget, the *Text.* color configurations are changed in the options database.

::ttk::theme::awdark::setListboxColors {.listboxwidget|-optiondb}

Sets the listbox widget colors.

If -optiondb is specified instead of a widget, the *Listbox.* color configurations are changed in the options database.

Jeff Smith 2021-06-19 : Below is an online demo using CloudTk. This demo runs awthemes in an Alpine Linux Docker Container. It is a 27.8MB image which is made up of Alpine Linux + tclkit + awthems-10.4.0.kit + libx11 + libxft + fontconfig + ttf-linux-libertine. It is run under a user account in the Container. The Container is restrictive with permissions for "Other" removed for "execute" and "read" for certain directories.

By clicking on the "V" in the upper left corner you can access other demos.

See also: List of ttk Themes