bell ?-displayof window? ?-nice?


man page


This command rings the bell on the display for window and returns an empty string. If the -displayof option is omitted, the display of the application's main window is used by default. The command uses the current bell-related settings for the display, which may be modified with programs such as xset.

This command also resets the screen saver for the screen (unless -nice is specified). Some screen savers will ignore this, but others will reset so that the screen becomes visible again.

KBK 2003-05-29: Just remember that [bell] is a Tk command, not a Tcl command, and there's no problem on Windows. (At least it works for me.)

DKF 2003-05-30: However, exactly how the "bell" sounds varies between platforms. It's not always a simple beep, and shouldn't be rung frequently. But then it shouldn't be rung frequently anyway...

Does bell require the Windows or MacOS user to have a Tk console open?

Lars H 2003-06-01: At least in my set-up (8.4.2 under MacOS 9.1), the answer is "no".