Real name: Ben Warre Email: ben (at)

Uses TCL/TK for random scripting and stuff. Nothing serious.

Previous projects include:

W4 Splice - available from homepage - uses tcom and command line interface to MS Powerpoint to run ppt files back to back

playing with formatting and printing lecture room signs. Multiple signs per page, with text shrunk to fit.

automatic layout planner (Windows EXE install file available from My Homepage . It uses the canvas to do a lot of DTPish things - grouping, rotating, drawing stuff.

Tablut game engine (Degree project)

Ticket system used at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Conference Room Layout Planner (using canvas to draw and edit nice pictures)

A Presentation Conference timer and message screen for presenters to refer to.

Music stuff - Snack, FreeDB

Random scripts for formatting documents etc...