In Tcl/Tk discussions, binding most often refers the act of associating, with the bind command (or the bind subcommand of a canvas), a Tk event with a bindtag and a script (most often a single command). Such bindings can also be made to fileevents, and, in specialized extensions, to reception of data from data managers, COM events, ... There are even occasions when one speaks of binding, for example, a "physical" manifestation of color to a specific color name, and so on.

There is also a more generic meaning in the theory of computer languages:

(verb) is the act of resolving a name to a value in some scope.
A Binding
(noun) is a record of such a resolution. The cmdName Tcl_Obj is a Binding.

Tcl has several different ways to bind names which are canvassed in scope.

Shouldn't binding (verb) rather be the act of creating a binding (noun), than the act of resolving it?