"X11 bisque - also known as 'Ousterhout beige' - was for a long time the default color of Tk GUI's."

     grid [label .l -text Bisque -bg #ffe4c4]

D. McC: For those who still like it (as I do), this works well:

     tk_setPalette background bisque

KBK Even briefer:


The "bisque is beautiful" slogan first appeared on a T-shirt [L1 ] in 1995.

GWM bisque is a pottery term for part fired ware. Generally the pot will still be porous after firing to bisque temperature (about 950-1000 deg C) and the reddish/yellow cast of the material is due to remaining Iron impurities in the clay. Bisque is from french, bis cuit - cooked twice (also see Biscuit); the first firing sets the objects shape and any slip decoration; a second firing (possibly to a higher temperature) is used for glaze covering. Glaze is traditionally applied in suspension in water, so a porous pot sucks water in, and attracts an even layer of the glaze solid particles onto the surface ready to be fired.