LV 2007 July 05

So, I've been playing with activetcl's teacup command for the past half year or so and found myself nearly every day performing at least three actions with it.

So, the following is a ksh script (probably will work with other unix shells as well, and also probably simple enough to convert to tcl) that automates the process.

It got its first big work out this morning - my test copy of activetcl is installed in /tmp - and they rebooted the machine (and deleted all contents of /tmp) while I was away on vacation... so brew got its chance to work through the process.

LV 2009 Apr 21 I've reduced the size of this script to the bare bones now. Most of the old script has been incorporated into teacup. Hurrah!

 #! /bin/ksh

 # Version 5: streamlined
 # Version 4: clean up of code
 # Version 3: attempt to add code so brew doesn't install all versions
 # Version 2: crudely process output from list and run installs
 # Version 1: initial attempt at running just the commands.

 # run 2 basic teacup commands.

 # First, update teacup itself, so we are using the latest code
 teacup update-self

 # Then, update the repository
 teacup update