I am ccbbaa (nick on I sometimes pester tcl experts in the #tcl channel with questions and very rarely edit tiny bits of the wiki.

Interests: tclsh built tools for programming, embedded mcu programming, cnc file processing and more, ATE scripting in tcl, cisco router scripting in tcl, clish, mini languages implemented in tcl, androwish, tcl scripting for FPGA synthesis tools, tcl scripting data tables and various front ends to embedded devices I created, and which others created.

I am a tcl user since circa 1996. My 1st read book on the theme was "Graphical Applications with Tcl/Tk" way back when, 1st ed. Largest program built over the years: ATE control gui in Tk with ~4000loc running on a dedicated NetBsd machine with hardware designed and implemented by me.

The silly questions I ask on #tcl show the depth of my ignorance.

Note: I am also known as _abc_ abc etc.