citer - Tcl package and application to work with BibTeX reference files.


This package is based on Tcllib's BibTeX package but should provide a more high level interface to BibTeX files. It is used mainly within the pantcl document processor to allow the user to embed References within their Markdown documents. The BibTeX files should be cleaned before using them by tools like this online website



package require citer
citer::refstyle \
  -article "{author} ({year}). {title}. _{journal}_ {volume}: {pages}" \
  -incollection "{author} ({year}). {title}. In: _{booktitle}_, {publisher}. {volume}: {pages}." \
  -default "{author} ({year}). {title}. {publisher}." 
citer::getReference assets/literature.bib Groth2013

### Groth, D., Hartmann, S., Klie, S., Selbig, J. (2013). Principal Components Analysis. 
### In: _Computational Toxicology_, Humana Press. 930: 527-547.

The file literature.bib can be seen here:


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DDG - 2023-05-30: An example for use this reference tool within a Markdown document together with Python or R can be seen here