14-Sep-2017: I'm a newcomer to TCL examining it as a possible platform for internal engineering tools.

The jury is still out. More later.

11-Oct-2017: The jury is in and despite first appearances, TCL has a large collection of tools, packages, information, and resources that makes it a great fit for engineering tools for industrial control (and probably many other fields as well).

  • High level, stable language that's readable even when you didn't write the code.
  • Single file executables that require no install.
  • Command line and easily constructed GUI interfaces.
  • Packages for integration with Windows and Excel.
  • Existing packages to cover just about every aspect of engineering project work.
  • A full set of development, debugging, testing, and documentation tools.
  • A single, information packed wiki that captures years of experience with multiple approaches to solving the same problems.

APN Glad to have you aboard! I think Tcl's ease of integration with C also plays a part in it being used in commercial CAD tools, HyperMesh etc.