willdye Note: alas, the name "cpptcl" is used by at least three different packages. The newest 'cpptcl' of which I'm aware is a very promising package discussed at: C++/Tcl.

DG wrote a library [mostly templates] also called cpptcl, discussed at: [L1 ] and [L2 ]. (escargo 29 Nov 2006 - The first link returned on the first part of a web page. Don't know if that problem is temporary or not.)

Finally, there's the original 'cpptcl' wiki entry, circa 1999, shown below.

 What: cpptcl
 Where: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/%7Edarley/EvoXandCpptcl.html 
 Description: Pair of loadable Tcl extensions which work under Unix, Windows,
        and Macintosh (and possibly others).  They are written in C++.
        They provide tools to allow simple integration of C++ objects
        with Tcl and its extensions.  With cpptcl, you can write C++ classes
        which smoothly link with Tcl.  Binary versions for MacOS 8.1 and
        Windows NT are also available.
 Updated: 01/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Vincent Darley)
 What: EvoX
 Where: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/%7Edarley/EvoXandCpptcl.html 
 Description: An extensible C++ object based simulation system which uses
        cpptcl.  It allows very simple connections between C++ objects
        and Tcl objects.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Vincent Darley)

Vince adds, for what it's worth, that I haven't touched this cpptcl for 5 years, and only used it a little in the few years before that. It did have some nice features, but these days I've pretty much abandoned C++ in favour of Java. If anyone does want to use my 'cpptcl', the source is still available, and is free for all uses.

The Tcl::Adapter template is a very powerful way to create extensions. There's an Itcl::Adapter template, too, for when you want to create Incr Tcl class extensions. See [L3 ] for an example.

See C++/Tcl