willdye If you're looking for a way to perform the crypt function in Tcl, then the link you want is probably crypt in pure tcl.

JMN 2005-08-31 The crypt in pure tcl above is packaged as 'tclcrypt' in the TclHttpd distribution.

In the non-starkit TclHttpd distribution, there is also the much faster binary version packaged as 'crypt'.

These are also available separately here:

The trf package also provides the crypt function, but apparently not on the Windows platform at least.

While on the general subject - beware that at least one crypt implementation (crypt.exe in Cygwin on Windows) takes its 'password & salt' arguments in the reverse order to that of the Tcl implementations mentioned above.

See md5crypt for a more 'modern' method of password encryption.